Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision:

The MOA was established in 1977 under the chairmanship of Shri R.K Madhuryyajit Singh as President along with Shri B.C Singh as Secretary. This Association was registered under the societies registration act Manipur in the year 1979 being Regd. 2740/1979. The presidents and the secretaries of this association are given below:-
  • To promote the development of those physical and moral qualities which are the basis of sports ;
  • To educates young through sports, in a spirit of better understanding between each other and of friendship, thereby helping to build a better and more peaceful world ;
  • To spread the Olympics principles through-out the world, thereby creating international good will ;
  • To bring together the Athletes of the world in the great four yearly sports festival, the Olympic Games ;

The objectives of Olympic Association are:

  • To respect the provisions of the Olympic charter and Olympic movement Anti doping code and to abide by the decisions of Indian Olympic Association.
  • To participate in actions at the state/ National level in accordance with Olympic charter to promote peace and to promote women in sports.
  • To support and encourage the promotion of sports ethics, to fight against doping and to demonstrate a responsible concern to environmental issues.
  • To promote and encourage the physical moral and cultural education of the youth of the state for the development of character, good health and good citizenship.
  • To enforce all rules and regulations of the Indian Olympic Association and Manipur Olympic Association and not to indulge in or associated with any activity which is contradictions with the Olympic charter.
  • To resist in the realm of sports all pressures of any kind, whether of political, racial, religious or economic nature.
  • To collaborate with schools/ colleges/ university establishments in Manipur to propagate the principles of Olympism at state level within the framework of sports activity and also take steps for diffusion of Olympism in teaching programmes of Physical education.
  • To resistant oppose any form of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex, politics or otherwise and to resist violence in sports.
  • To take steps for creating of state Olympic Academy/ institution/ school, museum and other institutes related to Olympic movement.
  • To recommend to the state Govt. for granting permission for staging National championships/ National Games.
  • To educate the pubic of the state as to the value of amateurism in sport. In co-operation with the state sports Associations to guard and enforce amateur rules.
  • To have full and complete jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the participation of Manipur in the National Games and other Games under the aegis of Indian Olympic Association.
  • To certify the amateur status of competitors from Manipur for such National competitions as require such certification.
  • To act as the channel of communication between state sports Associations and government of Manipur for financial or other Assistance to state Associations.
  • To stimulate the interest of the people of the state in the promotion of sports and games in the Olympic Programme.
  • To give necessary financial assistance to the state sports Associations.
  • To decide dispute between members and internal dispute of the member.
  • To admit the membership of the state sports Associations and District Olympic Associations which shall be required to submit their annual reports and audited statement of account to the M.O.A.
  • To take disciplinary action against any Association for misbehaviour or any other undesirable activity bringing discredit to the statement of account to the M.O.A.
  • To do all other things that may be necessary or expedient to promote the development of Hockey in the state and for the conduct of its business.
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